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Installation process

Omega Walls, Ceiling and Flooring Installation

Installation tools required – Screwdriver, tape measure, hacksaw, power drill, adhesive and a staple gun.

Fitting Wall Panels

  • W1

    Start by accurately measuring the height and width of your walls where your panels are to be fitted. Do this for each wall as they may vary in height.

  • W2

    Accurately measure your wall panels.

  • W3

    Carefully cut your panels to size.

  • W4

    To help secure the panels in place, apply the adhesive (No Nails or similar) directly to the wall.

  • W5

    Place the first panel into position and press firmly against the wall from top to bottom to allow the adhesive to bond.

  • W6

    Now screw three or four screws at equal distances into the tongue on the right edge of the panel securing it into place. When drilling into brick or similar always use rawlplugs/wall plugs.

  • W7

    Again, apply the adhesive for the second wall panel.

  • W8

    Press the next panel firmly against the wall. Secure into place using the tongue and groove edging on each panel. Repeat these simple steps for each wall panel.

  • W9

    Finish by sealing all internal corners from top to bottom with silicon to ensure they’re watertight. Your wall panel installation is now complete.

Fitting Wall Panels

  • C1

    When fitting ceiling panels, start by accurately measuring the width at the top of your first wall.

  • C2

    Accurately measure and mark your coving trim.

  • C3

    Cut your coving trim to exact size.

  • C4

    Fix the coving trim to the ceiling using a staple gun.

  • C5

    Fit all the coving trim apart from the opposite wall from where you first started.

  • C6

    Apply adhesive either directly to the ceiling or to the timber frame and slide the first ceiling panel into position.

  • C7

    Staple the tongue of the panel to the ceiling or timber frame.

  • C8

    Continue adding the panels applying adhesive and stapling each one into place.

  • C9

    Use quadrant or coving to complete your ceiling.

  • C10

    Accurately measure and mark.

  • C11

    Carefully cut the trim to size.

  • C12

    Now apply double sided tape to the outside edge.

  • C13

    Push into the top corner where the wall meets the ceiling and fix firmly into position.

  • C14

    When fitting spotlights to your ceiling, accurately measure and mark the position of each required light. IMPORTANT Always employ a qualified electrician for all electrical work.

  • C15

    Cut holes directly into the ceiling panels using the correct sized cutter for your particular light fittings.

  • C16

    Once the lights are safely connected simply clip them into place. IMPORTANT Only use zoned lighting designed for bathrooms with the correct IP rating.

  • C17

    Your ceiling installation is now complete.

Fitting Waterproof Floor Panels

  • F1

    Begin by laying down the recommended underlay.

  • F2

    Lay out the flooring sections to establish how many pieces are required to complete your floor space.

  • F3

    Accurately measure and mark the floor panels.

  • F4

    Carefully cut the end pieces to your required length.

  • F5

    Now simply slot the floor pieces together using the tongue and groove located around the edge of each section.

  • F6

    Push completed sections firmly together to ensure all joints are tight.

  • F7

    Your waterproof floor installation is now complete.

  • F8

    Your stunning new bathroom is now ready for you to enjoy.

  • F9

    Our Omega floor system is available in four different wood effect finishes and will enhance any room in your home.

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